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Going green: Responsible Tax Roundtable

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What is the Responsible Tax response to the global COVID-19 crisis? Who pays for the extraordinary measures now being taken – when and how?

Jericho Chambers has been convening and curating the global Responsible Tax project in partnership with KPMG since 2015. The current crisis adds poignancy and urgency.

On Wednesday 22nd July the third roundtable in a series on potential tax policy responses coming out of the COVID-19 environment was held. Sponsored by KPMG International and Jericho Chambers, a more detailed explanation of the program can be found here. This event was attended by 12 globally active pension fund and sovereign wealth funds and focused on what tax barriers exist to cross-border investment in renewables and decarbonization technology and what solutions could be envisaged.

The report from this third roundtable is available on KPMG’s Responsible Tax platform here.

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