Gary Mead Joins Jericho Chambers

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It  is with great pleasure that we welcome Gary Mead to Jericho Chambers.

Gary believes in the urgent need to reconnect financial markets with ethics and trust and will assist Jericho’s penetration into City institutions that recognise there must be a better way to do business. He is Executive Director of New City Initiative (NCI), which comprises some 45 independent asset-management firms committed to restoring public trust in financial services. He was formerly Communications Director at the Institute of International Finance in Washington DC.

Gary’s background is in financial journalism. He held a number of senior editorial roles on the FT, latterly as Commodities Editor, and has also worked for the BBC, Granada TV, the New Statesman and The Observer, where he covered the rise and fall of Solidarity in Poland. He has also held senior positions in commodities research, first at the World Gold Council and then at VM Group.

A military historian and author, Gary has published books on the US and the First World War (Penguin, 2000) and a critically acclaimed biography of Field Marshal Douglas Haig (Atlantic, 2007). His political and social history of the Victoria Cross will be published by Atlantic in spring 2015.

Gary’s specialist area is: Ethical Financial Markets

Robert Phillips
Head of Chambers

George Pitcher

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