Gamechangers: Sticks and stones? But a kick in the balls will hurt you alpha bullies

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Originally published in International Business Times

I was listening to someone spouting the usual “the alpha behaviour in The Apprentice is so unrealistic and it’s wrong because it puts people off business” when it occurred to me that the reason I don’t watch The Apprentice is because alpha behaviour is mostly rather normal so it just puts me off television. The subject brings back some of the low points in my career.

One in the park near the office on a walk that I insisted on.
“One of the grads says you shouted at her to: ‘F**k off out of your f**king office.'”

“NO,” my then-CEO bellows, stopping in the path to stare at me emphatically. “I did not f**king swear. Who has accused me of swearing? They are a f**king liar.”

The shouters, food throwers, phone slammers and a woman who managed to rant and cry at the same time all come back to me. There was also the MD who drunkenly locked one of our team in the disabled toilet and tried to grope her. In one job, my husband changed from asking: “How was your day?” to “How many people cried today?”

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