Gamechangers: Get down and get dirty before your oh-so fashionable funeral

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Originally published in International Business Times

AA Gill penned 1,000 or so words last weekend about everything he has learnt from and about women. I’m inspired to capture everything I know about men but it’ll take fewer words.

Men are happier, kinder, gentler, wiser, more loving, more considerate and more generous when they are having enough sex. It may be obvious but no one says it. It is also true of women, of course, but not quite to the same extent. Men muttering that a grumpy woman needs to get laid always seem to be imposing their own thought processes on to her.

Tolstoy saw hard physical labour as an alternative. My yoga teacher assures me that Ashtanga yoga was invented to release the tension in young male monks. My mother has always said young men need to take lots of risks – and do a bit of fighting.

So contrary to the patterns of modern life, I reckon that to be happy, men need some combination of digging, tough yoga, risky sport and sex. Probably not in that order.

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