Where is politics: is the party over?

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Two weeks before the General Election, we wanted to have a conversation about where politics now takes place – how much focus is still on Westminster but how much of what’s political is actually decided on social media and through direct action campaigns? And, if politics is changing, how must our political culture and behaviour change, too?

To help us shape the discussion, we have a great line up of opinion makers and formers:

Zoe Williams is a prolific journalists at the Guardian and author of the recently published Get it together. Carys Afoko is head of global Communications at SumofUs – the new internet campaign organisation aimed at the corporate world. Sue Goss is author of the Open Tribe – a treatise on how we must now do politics in a relational and empathetic way. In addition we will have a leading pollster to help us understand the numbers that underlie the General Election campaign.

There will be questions, debate, drinks, laughter and soul-searching as we examine how we might do politics better – all within the informal and intimate surroundings of the Jericho Chambers townhouse.

Please come. You’ll enjoy it

Please say yes or no to buddy@jerichochambers.com

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