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The Digital Futures Index

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Context for the Digital Futures Index – good vs. bad digital

With Uber, Fake News, and real news on digital’s adverse affect on mental health and the abuse of data, we are constantly reminded that a utopian ‘digital future’ will not happen of its own accord.



About the project – a framework for a vibrant digital future 

The Digital Futures Index is one part of a project convened by Jericho on behalf of Nominet. As the official registry for UK domain names, Nominet has unique view on the digital progress of the UK and what it takes to bring about a vibrant digital future, one that is inclusive, benefitting the many, not the few.

The approach Nominet and Jericho have taken is rooted in the view that technology – and the internet – can (and should) be a powerful force for social and economic good. To realise the potential of this, ambition is necessary, priorities must be clear and, importantly, what gets measured must get done. The Digital Futures Index includes a range of metrics to inform the strategy for realising this. The wider project seeks to encourage debate on what matters most as the UK’s digital future evolves.


Researching the Index – a down-to-earth view of a vibrant digital future

The Index was researched by Andrew Gunn, who spent much of the year canvassing views from across the UK – from Old Street to Oldham – examining real-world views  (as shown in the video below) alongside those of experts from academia, business, government and education to identify the key factors that will determine ‘success’ in the digital sphere.  The project involves updating the Index annually to assess whether the UK is making the ‘right’ kind of progress towards an inclusive, connected and secure digital future.


Selected findings from the Digital Futures Index 

Below are a few of the metrics Nominet highlighted as areas that will require constant improvement for a digital future that works for everyone.

Digital optimism? 


Digital Inclusivitity? 


Digital Infrastructure? 


The full Digital Futures Index is available to view here, on the Nominet website. It includes further metrics on progress and strategy for bringing in a Vibrant Digital Future, all of which will remain updated.

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