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Core Values: The Future of Central London

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Over the last decade London’s city centre has seen growing numbers of residents, commuters and tourists.

Central London – defined in this new report from Centre for London as the Central Activities Zone and its satellite at the Northern Isle of Dogs (CAZ/NIoD) – is the heart of the city’s economy. It also plays an important role in national life, housing five per cent of the UK’s businesses and seven per cent of the nation’s employment and generates 10 per cent of national economic output.

The challenges

This thriving economic centre faces a number of challenges – from overcrowded public transport and clashes between its different users, to enduring pockets of extreme deprivation and a lack of affordable housing. These challenges bring implications not only for the wider city, but also for the nation.

The solutions to these challenges are hard to reach, in part because of the area’s fragmented system of governance. 10 different boroughs sit within the CAZ, each of which have different approaches to a wide range of policy areas, while central government continues to have a hold over power and resources.


Jericho is a proud supporter of Centre for London, through its partnership with Capital and Counties Properties PLC, one of the sponsors of this report. Read more on London Ideas and London Essays.

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