We want our clients to be in easy and simple control of how we help and who works with them.

You can work with any partner individually – just contact us direct.

Or we will suggest the best combination of expertise for your need, your project and your challenge. We will discuss and agree a straightforward scope, fee and team – and deliver on that. We work very collaboratively – and believe that clients should not be persuaded to ‘outsource’ key tasks and roles, nor become dependent on outside agencies or consultancies.

Our favourite projects are for clients who aim to combine being a successful business with serving the wider needs of a range of stakeholders and of the world – building the best legacy they can.

Jericho does not fit into any neat traditional definition of agency or consultancy. Indeed we set out to be the antidote to many large well known ones.

As a potential client looking for advice you are welcome to contact any partner direct. A short summary of our individual areas of expertise and how to contact us is below. Sometimes clients are looking for a combination of our expertise and we will help them choose the right partners and form a team with them. The key is what our client needs.

We are at our most useful with several of us working together making the most of our complementary skills and experiences.

We all face a fast-changing increasingly complex and unpredictable world. Our typical work involves helping clients redefine or change what they stand for – or are seeking to achieve, and what they need to do to achieve that. This sometimes involves re-branding, re-thinking the relationship with stakeholders, re-framing how the organization communicates in a progressive way or how their business is organised, or the role of their leaders. It nearly always involves gathering insight and evidence.

All of this designed to help you change your legacy.

Our Expertise


Shifting group brand thinking from defensive to supporting growth

by Christine Armstrong

Christine bridges the gap between the people politicians like to call ‘ordinary, decent, working people’ and the boardroom. She brings this human data to life in ways that are tangible and actionable. Her findings give you the tools to communicate better and build and grow your business.


Enterprise and Market Entry

by Allan Biggar

From start-ups to international corporations – over 20 years experience of building and growing businesses, by instilling entrepreneurial ideas and ways of being. A Director and Chairman of numerous companies, who develops communications programmes for major global businesses across B2C and B2B sectors.


Creative Direction and Brand Design

by Martin Lambie-Nairn

Creativity and good design aren’t merely “nice to have” – they are commercially vital.
My whole working life has been spent working with CEOs and Marketing Directors – managing their brand identities, building and directing creative teams for complex projects, and deploying creativity to ensure effective results and commercial success.


Politics and Campaigning

by Neal Lawson

No one is ‘in control’. The future will be negotiated. Everything is transparent and starts with what you believe and how you behave. Neal, who has worked with senior politicians and NGOs and has run highly successful national campaigns, helps organisations to structure an open, honest and permanent engagement with everyone that will shape their future.


Social Innovation

by Charles Leadbeater

Described by the Financial Times as the UK’s leading innovation expert, Charles chairs the social tech investment fund the Nominet Trust, and is chair of Apps for Good, the mobile learning charity. After a career on the Financial Times where he was industrial editor and Tokyo Bureau chief, he left to join the Independent.


Culture and Brands

by Clyde McKendrick

Clyde’s specialism is cultural strategy, gained from experience steering culturally iconic brands, including: Red Bull, Pepsi, Amazon, Nike and MTV. He authored a book on culture strategy titled Cultural Capital, measuring brands in the culture-led economy and is a contributing writer to leading business media such as Fast Company, Mashable and Forbes.


Journalism and Financial Markets

by Gary Mead

Writer, editor, researcher, media specialist – former Financial Times journalist and City analyst, author of critically acclaimed books of travel, history and biography. Speechwriter, media coach, a specialist in transferring complex ideas and thoughts into plain compelling language for all formats and scenarios.


Leadership and Organisational Change

by Alaric Mostyn

Working with leadership teams to accelerate their progress, improve their focus, engage their teams and collaborate better with others. In particular helping ensure major changes are more likely to succeed. Decades of experience in brand, values and culture. Also deep specialism in improving the design and capability of communication (and marketing) functions.


Sustainable Business and New Economics

by Jules Peck

Jules works with leadership teams to assist them in articulating purpose and integrity in their brand, and in their interaction with customers. He helps companies and organisations tune into and drive the emerging new economy, based on his book Citizen Renaissance, a guide to emerging business trends.


Communications and Trust

by Robert Phillips

New communication strategies are required to navigate the new normal, where no-one is in control and where there is no return to “old” trust. Trust remains forever fragile and is hard-fought, hard-earned and hard-won every day. The author of the influential Trust Me, PR Is Dead, Robert has created new models of Public Leadership and Public Value to empower organisations to participate and communicate in a world that is increasingly activist and where power and influence are now asymmetrical. Actions speak louder than words.


EU Public Affairs and Policy

by Catherine Stewart

Catherine brings 30 years’ experience of political consultancy in mediating, connecting and stimulating informed thinking at the interface of politics and international businesses‎. Questions of EU reform and membership are currently facing business, politicians and electorates at home and abroad; Catherine is perfectly positioned to connect political leaderships with EU corporations.

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