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PR is dead, so what comes next?

In this latest article for Communication Director magazine, Jericho founder Robert Phillips writes that “established definitions of corporate trust and purpose are no longer sufficient… integrity in communications and leadership demands – and celebrates – good activism, participation, accountability and dissent”. He adds: “Consensus-based activist organisations that engage in conversation on societal issues are the future of communications, PR and engagement”.

You can find Robert’s article in full, here.

Robert’s article is accompanied by a Case Study on the global Responsible Tax Project. True to these organising principles, Jane McCormick, Global Head of Tax and Legal Services at KPMG, shares learnings from the Responsible Tax journey: from the simple proposition that tax is the entry fee we pay for a civilized society to a flourishing global movement. A “wise crowd” community of over 1,300 experts and voices from across the spectrum are at the vanguard of a critically important societal debate. After all, tax is trust, writ large.

You can find Jane’s article in full, here.


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