Coming Next… A Return to Experts & Expertise?

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We are looking forward to hosting the fifth in the series of Jericho Conversations: A Return to Experts & Expertise? It’s happening on Friday 15 May 12:30pm – 1:45pm (London).

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Ben Page, CEO of IpsosMORI will lead the discussion. The expert panel includes former Government Tsar, Paul Morrell; Daily Mail Business Editor, Ruth Sunderland; and Counterpoint Director, Catherine Fieschi.

Have we really had enough of experts – or were they the unwitting victims of politicisation and a populist agenda? Are we now learning to love experts and expertise all over again? Who do we really trust when it comes to wise judgment? Is it now time to follow the evidence?


Thank you to all those who have joined us so far in the Jericho Conversations series. We’ve now completed four conversations – on Pandemics & and an Uncharted FutureShareholder vs Stakeholder CapitalismTax: Who Pays & How?Good Work, Mental Health & Workplace Wellbeing. Huge thanks to the array of outstanding speakers and panellists. There has been a terrific turnout for each session – several hundred have participated, from over 30 countries.

Jericho Conversations is our way of bringing us all together, albeit virtually, and offering some intellectual nourishment during this difficult time.

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