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Few want to go back to the ‘old normal’ that got us into this mess. But what does Building Back Better mean and how can it happen? On Monday a broad and deep call was made. Stretching from the CBI, the FSB and the Chambers of Commerce, to the TUC and all the main unions, from big NGOs to faith leaders, building back better has been defined as stronger, greener and fairer – with specific questions about how this is achieved in meaningful ways.

The scale and the complexity of the issues our society now face mean that no party or sector can hope to have all the answers. It is time, instead, for ‘extreme collaboration’.

The project was instigated by Neal Lawson, Partner at Jericho Chambers with his Compass hat on, but working with others. Please sign and share the statement – as our co-founder Robert Phillips has done, as one of the lead organisations of 350.

Please sign the petition here.

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