The Trust Delusion
(and How To Avoid It)

Publication 2020/1

Business and politics have been afflicted by The Trust Delusion for years. And it’s getting worse. The Trust Delusion explains how businesses can earn trust legitimately and influence people.

Mixing provocative thinking and proven models, The Trust Delusion punctures the many myths of trust, arguing that trust is neither a strategy nor a message; simply, an outcome. It demonstrates that there is a better way.

It’s a book about what it takes to be relevant and trustworthy – reforming power and inclusion; embracing meaning and participation; welcoming activism, accountability and dissent.

Complete with new research, data, insights, interviews and case studies, The Trust Delusion helps organisations audit, understand and address real issues that in turn support better leaders and more effective, productive and profitable outcomes. It offers an important and refreshingly honest navigation tool for businesses and brands in a chaotic and traumatised world.

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Trust Me, PR is Dead

Unbound, 2015

Described by The Holmes Report as “a game-changer for the future of communications”, Trust Me, PR is Dead makes the case for Public Leadership, CEO activism and companies as social movements – and outlines what it really takes to build public trust.

Part atonement, part rallying cry for a radical alternative, “it was time”, declared author Robert Phillips, “to call bullshit on the bullshit industry of spin”.

It is rich in case studies, interviews, practitioner insights and stories from the frontline. Praised by Huffington Post as “a thrilling revelation”, Trust Me, PR is Dead warned of the populist dangers ahead and shows how companies and brands should communicate and stay relevant in a 21st century of networks, anger and activism.

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