The Enlightened CEO

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“So, what do you think is the hallmark of an enlightened CEO?”


“It’s really not a difficult question”

I’ll ask my PR team to come back you within a few hours”.

* * *

There are of course some CEOs who feel comfortable answering this question directly and without hesitation. Unfortunately, they remain in a lonely minority. It speaks volumes about the state of business today that so many business leaders feel the need to hide behind their PR teams to provide answers that should otherwise be instinctive and immediate.

* * *

On Monday 7 April, I have been asked to speak on the CEO & Society – a subject that runs to the very heart of my latest book. I will open by looking at what makes for an enlightened CEO – one who is truly transformative of both the organisation they lead and the society they serve. I will then host a panel discussion with Paul Westbury, CEO of Buro Happold; Douglas Lamont, CEO of Innocent Drinks; and Dragon entrepreneur, Deborah Meaden.

This article first appeared on The Crowd’s blog. Read the full blog here.

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