Power Mums interview with Janvi Patel

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The founder of law firm Halebury and mother of three commutes between LA and London and admits to being a control freak. She talks about learning to let go and being bossy.

Janvi Patel is the executive chairman and founder of law firm Halebury.  She is married to a Syrian-American MIT aerospace grad-turned-tech financier and has a son aged five and girl/boy twins aged three.

Patel commutes between LA, where she lives, and London, where her business is based and she spends one week a month. She describes herself as a control freak who lives by a laminated spreadsheet – ‘if it’s not on the spreadsheet it’s not happening’. She gets up by 4am every day, works out three times a week and would really love to have a six pack.


Seven years ago – before the downturn and before kids – I saw that there was a better way to provide legal advice. Clients wanted more cost-effective options, more flexibility (for example, someone to work in their office) and more commercial thinkers, with in-house experience and cross-border thinking.
A lot of lawyers wanted more flexibility, more control over how they worked and what they worked on and to work more closely with in-house teams.  So we worked out how to match those needs: finding city-trained, in-house lawyers who want to work with in-house teams on a flexible basis.

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