Picture the book – Trust Me PR is Dead

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Originally published in Jericho Chambers

Trust Me, PR Is Dead is peppered with interviews, case studies and anecdotes. Over one hundred characters feature – Virgin’s Richard Branson and EDF’s CEO Vincent de Rivaz; philosophers Baroness Onoora O’Neill and Michael Sandel; the genius of Margaret Heffernan and Tony Judt. Oh, and Elizabeth Windsor (The Queen) and Vladimir Putin (The President). Look out also for a camel, two men called Douglas and several of the women to whom the future of business will hopefully belong. My sister, Jane, meanwhile offers a Censor’s Note.

Many of the luminaries of the global PR industry (and not just the usual suspects) make thought-provoking appearances. The book contains nine powerful vignettes, including punk publisher Dan Kieran, Naked Diplomat Ambassador Tom Fletcher, Change Agent Celine Schillinger and “leadership is dead” Professor Cliff Oswick. Oh, plus Mandy Rice Davies, Aristotle, Spedan Lewis, Professor Lynda Gratton, Michelangelo, Sir Titus Salt and Pope Francis, too –  listed here in no particular order.

Trust Me

Case Studies range from the UK’s 38 Degrees to Mondragon in Spain and Porto Alegre in Brazil; plus Arup and John Lewis; Johnson & Johnson and Novo Nordisk; Occupy and Tata; Blockbuster and Netflix; Patagonia, Zopa and RBS. And Starbucks.

All being well, everyone featured in the book (and that includes Richard Edelman and Alistair Campbell) will receive a proof copy for Christmas reading. The eBook should be out in the new year and the hardbacks hopefully soon after. If friends and colleagues are after a copy, please share this post with them and ask them to sign-up here. Those who have wonderfullly supported the book to date will receive a short extract as a festive gift.

In case you had missed it, you are invited to join the “if everything is dead, what comes next?” discussion at Cass Business School on Thursday 27 November at 6pm – hosted by the brilliant Heather McGregor (aka Mrs Moneypenny), with David Lammy MP, Lucy Adams and JLP’s Patrick Lewis, among others. Mail, if you would like to come along.

Welcome to the progressive corporate future, where there is no return to “old” trust; where “they” are no longer in control; where actions speak louder than words; and, above all, where there is a better way.

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