Labour’s top-down command has too many echoes of the Death Star

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People are hungry for change. Ed Miliband needs to show he is no imperial overlord and empower citizens to bring it about

As the Labour tribe meets in Manchester for its final conference before next year’s election, there’s one conundrum that needs urgently unpicking: the party could be in office by May next year, but never further from power.

Labour’s plight was captured in Glasgow last week as about 60 Labour MPs were sent to make a final push for the no campaign. There to meet them was one man on a rickshaw, armed with nothing more than a boogie box, a loudhailer, a smartphone and a YouTube account. He followed the hapless MPs around, blasting out the theme from Star Wars, while shouting that Scotland’s “imperial masters” had arrived. The stunt was an allegory for our times.

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