Hear Labour’s new rallying cry: power to the people.

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The publication of the One Nation document sets out a potential transformation in the way Britain does its politics.

The shadow of Scotland will be cast over everything for at least another week as the party leaders wake up to the threat of the end of the union. Meanwhile, one politician has been pondering the new politics of self-determination for a while and today makes a timely intervention. Labour’s policy review is necessarily taking time to take shape. After the second- worst defeat in its history and against the backdrop of a recession it had a hand in, intellectual revival was never going to be easy. But important patterns are emerging and become stronger today with the publication ofOne Nation: Labour’s political renewal by Jon Cruddas and Jonathan Rutherford.

While the notion of “one nation” looks rather dicey, given the headline-hogging independence referendum, this document sets out the thinking behind a potential transformation in the way we do politics and people’s role in making change happen. It’s a rallying cry to give power to the people, and with it to move beyond not just a state that is too remote but markets that are too free.

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