Goliath May Have Won This Battle…

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Yesterday, Neal Lawson shared ‘They Will Get You’ illustrating how David can beat Goliath in an open and transparent world. 

Yet for all the campaigning, the coverage and the social media storm, last night Yashika was deported to back Mauritius without her mother, her siblings and her A-levels but allegedly under violent threat from a relative.

So, on this one, Goliath won.

Or did he?

I fancifully imagine the conversations in the Home Office and in Number Ten this morning, involving dark humour, slapping of foreheads and regret.

“God, that was a bloody disaster. How the hell did we get into this mess? How did a simple case escalate into madness, who is responsible for this shit-show?  Great, now we look like heartless bastards over one girl after some A-levels and STILL get slated for not being as racist as Nigel Farage. We’re Tories, we’re supposed to be into families and education and have decent values… shit, shit, shit”.

So Goliath may have won this battle but I wonder about the war.  Next time a case like this one comes across a desk and someone is asked whether to push it forward or step back, they will be more hesitant.  Next time a social media campaign starts ratcheting up, maybe someone will say “Remember Yashika. Maybe we should just do the decent thing on this one”.

As for the the brands that dragged into the fray, BA understood that conceding to public views was a better win than pleasing the government.  Air Mauritius was bullied into going the other way.  Would they do so next time? I can’t imagine the Mauritian five star hotels and tourism industry sent them any flowers this morning.

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