G8 Taskforce makes social impact on London Stock Exchange

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As Francis Bacon noted in 1625, if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the mountain. There is something poignantly symbolic in the prospect that next Thursday, 19th June, the Social Stock Exchange’s CEO, Tomas Carruthers, will host a reception at the London Stock Exchange – the more so since this reception forms part of the programme of the fifth annual meeting of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce, announced by Prime Minister David Cameron and established by the G8 in June 2013.

Since then the Taskforce has met in Washington DC, Paris and Berlin and it is the City of London’s privilege to welcome it again this summer. The taskforce is led by the prophetic voice of Sir Ronald Cohen, who founded Big Society Capital in 2012, hailed as the world’s first social investment bank, in the wake of the global meltdown of the old order.

The Taskforce brings together government officials and senior figures from the worlds of finance, business and philanthropy from across the G8 countries. But unlike other worthy but essentially somnolent talking shops, this colloquium has since only last autumn brought global focus and momentum to the construction of alternative and better ways of running our economies.

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