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Africa/Asia/Pacific Responsible Tax Roundtable

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What is the Responsible Tax response to the global COVID-19 crisis? Who pays for the extraordinary measures now being taken – when and how?

Jericho Chambers has been convening and curating the global Responsible Tax project in partnership with KPMG International since 2015. The current crisis adds poignancy and urgency.

On 14 July KPMG International and Jericho Chambers sponsored the second in a series of roundtables on tax policy responses to COVID-19. A more detailed explanation of the roundtable program can be found here. At this roundtable, multinationals based in Africa, Asia and the Pacific discussed what they thought would be helpful to stimulate economies once countries and jurisdictions move out of lockdown periods and into the recovery phase.

The report from this second roundtable is available on KPMG’s Responsible Tax platform here.

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