Jericho Notices – March 2017

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Do Something!

“If I hear another liberal telling me they don’t know what to do, I’ll f**king scream. Just roll up your sleeves and DO SOMETHING. Start where you are.” – Margaret Heffernan

To Margaret’s point, it’s no bloody good moping about our political handbasket. We have to decide what we are going to do to make the world a better, happier, more stable place. Before the Germans review their nuke policy, Le Pen wakes up in the Élysée Palace or Barack actually stages that coup.

To this end, Robert has been calling for more activist CEOs, driving for the common good.

I’ve been chatting with the author and columnist Zoe Williams about her plans for huddles and a new political configuration.

Charlie Dawson at The Foundation is seeking more “moments of belief” and calls on us to bring together different opinions to build a better outcome.

Sue Tibbals from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation wants us to be less professional, more brave and more committed – and to embrace complexity.

Jericho’s Andrew Gunn argues we are all complicit in corporate fraud unless we take a stronger stance. 

Have a look at what everyone is saying, be inspired with your own ideas, and add to the discussion about what we can do. We’ll be organising a number of events to put these plans into action, so drop us a line if you would like to be involved.

Outside the office, I’ve been working with my local school to bring Plastic Fishing to London’s Docks. Inspired by Plastic Whale in Amsterdam and supported by the brilliant team at Hubbub Foundation, last week we had five boats out on London’s docks, full of children with fishing nets hauling their plastic treasure back to land. When we have enough, we’ll be making our own community boat out of the recycled plastic. If you want to come along, drop me a line, as we’ll be hosting outings all summer and everyone is welcome.

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