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WikiWorkLab 2018: About the project

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The WikiWorkLab is a unique work experience programme created by Jericho Chambers in partnership with the CIPD to provoke thinking and encourage young people to share their views on the human Future of Work.

It welcomes up to twenty 16-21 year olds drawn from schools and colleges across London and the UK for one intensive week in the summer. Now in its third year, the 2018 programme will run from Monday 30th July to Friday 3rd August.

The central provocation for the enquiry will be:

‘Artificial Intelligence: friend or foe for the workplace of the future?’

Throughout the programme, ideas & skill-building sessions and real-world learning trips provide different perspectives, insights and learnings to help participants answer this question and present their findings on the final day of the programme.

What to expect as a supporting organisation

As a supporting organisation, you will enjoy active exposure to real-life/ real-time Gen Z thinking. You will receive an insights report, based on this year’s findings; a final video summary of the programme; and a number of dedicated articles and podcasts – ready for syndication – produced by Jericho Chambers in relation to the WikiWorkLab.

In addition, we encourage you to meet our participants either by hosting a real-world learning trip or through a Jericho curated outside-in workshop to gain a deeper insight into Gen- Z thinking on this topic and related themes.

Finally, there will also be an opportunity to invite participants to future events and discussions to share their point of view on other themes and enhance the conversation.

Please do take a look at last years Insights Report and video summary to find out more.


Highlights from the WikiWorkLab 2017

Last year participants were investigating and challenging the hypothesis: ‘What role (if any) should business play in creating a better society?’

Coming from a range of schools, colleges and universities across London and the UK, the cohort visited a variety of organisations. These included Business in the Community, KPMG, Network Rail, RICS and John Lewis.

Participants presented their findings on the final day of the programme and their insights have helped to shape the wider discussion on the Future of Work is Human programme. An overview of the findings and the highlights from the WikiWorkLab 2017 can be found here.

Subsequently, participants have continued to contribute ideas to inform a number of other discussions convened by Jericho and the CIPD, including the HRD Forum on Sexual Harassment and round table events on topics as diverse as the digital economy, future of the professions and life skills.

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