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Neal Lawson

Neal Lawson

Politics and Activism

Neal wants to change the world. He sees the expansion of digital media as fuelling activism for social change, with organisations increasingly having to negotiate, rather than impose. Companies will need to become part of a better capitalism and society, or face a backlash.

In a previous life he worked for Gordon Brown and ran his own communications consultancy, running successful national campaigns on issues ranging from energy prices to loan sharking. Now he is Chair of Compass, the innovative pressure group for a good society. Neal is a writer for The Guardian  and the New Statesman  and author of the Penguin paperback, All Consuming (2009).

He is currently working with KPMG on a project concerning taxation for the common good, involving a host of stakeholders such as Oxfam, Christian Aid and Action Aid.

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Email: neal.lawson@jerichochambers.com

Phone: +44 (0)207 253 6616

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