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Eve Harris

Eve Harris

Research & Editorial

Eve’s research adds depth, zest and curiosity to the events, discussions and movements convened by Jericho and client organisations. Her background in languages ensures the research viewpoint is global, thoughtful, detailed and challenging. Eve’s insights into new economic movements (at both grassroots and international, policy levels) help shift discussions from talking-shop to action and change. To date, her work has helped inform projects for KPMG, CIPD, Nominet, RICS and AkzoNobel – adding new voices, viewpoints and thinking as the initiatives develop. Combined with a research base, her editing and writing work supports projects’ knowledge and content footprint.  Eve previously worked as a translator and studied Russian literature, with a focus on the ‘What is to be done?’ movement that inspired writers and thinkers during the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

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