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Catherine Fieschi

Catherine Fieschi

Political and Social Mobilisation Thinker

Talk to Catherine about: Populism and how to beat it, how to build better coalitions, how to build good political relationships

Catherine is an anxious optimist. Her mission? To harness deep social change and help create and support institutions that bring out the best in all of us (openness, tolerance, cosmopolitanism, humour and compassion). A leading specialist on populism and social movements she works hard to give decision-makers the tools to understand the deep cultural and social dynamics that shape key, macro-political risks. She is the Director of Counterpoint Global, the London-based cultural and social risk consultancy. 

A political scientist and entrepreneur, Catherine is a former director of the think tank Demos and a Senior Research Fellow at The Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL where she directs their Politics of Disruption Research Network. She is also a trustee of the activist network and think tank European Alternatives.

Catherine is widely published in both academia and the media. She is a longstanding adviser to French and European political leaders, ministers and campaigns.  A native speaker of French, Italian and English, she holds a PhD in Political Science from McGill University.

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