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Becky Holloway

Becky Holloway

Wise crowd builder and convener  

Talk to Becky about: Finding new influencers, dissenting voices, asking the right questions, creating buzzing movements

Working on behalf of clients engaged in tackling big societal issues, Becky convenes wise-crowds as part of Jericho programmes to help negotiate and co-create a brighter future. Her work helps build wide-reaching, dissenting and engaged communities – broad and diverse enough to have an effect beyond that of a traditional echo chamber, and expert enough to get things done and make a difference. With an academic background in Philosophy and a particular focus on ethics, communities Becky has helped develop to date have been integral to (among others) the “Global Responsible Tax Project” with KPMG, and the “Future of Work is Human” movement with CIPD. Other projects include curating wise-crowds to help identify positive ways forward on issues for Capital & Counties Properties, The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Nominet. Having brought these people together, Becky works collaboratively with clients to oversee and assist in the creation of targeted workstreams to ensure the long-lasting legacy and impact of initiatives set up by Jericho and client organisations.


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Email: becky.holloway@jerichochambers.com

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