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Jericho Chambers is not a members club in the mould of The Ivy, The Garrick or Soho House. That said, we always serve decent wines and the occasional cocktail. Jericho is a club in spirit – open to colleagues, friends and friends-of-friends – a civilised place to meet new people and explore new ideas. The Club Room – a calm space in our Charterhouse Square townhouse – is open to all-comers: somewhere where you should always bump into someone interesting and thoughtful. We run a book club, speaker evenings, provocative breakfast gatherings and, yes, we do sometimes throw a good party, too. The club membership rules are simple: have a point of view and, like us, hope to change the way the world works (or at least change the legacy), one bit at a time. Sales pitches are very much not allowed.

What’s Happening

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