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Above all we are a community of experts

We are a community of experts in a range of areas including communications, change management, organisation and leadership, sustainable business, public affairs and public policy, branding, insight, media, reputation and trust. We have nearly 500 years of experience between 17 partners – so have made (or seen) many mistakes and have plenty of battle scars.

We are part consultancy, part think-tank, part members club. We aim to help our clients change and improve their legacy.

We have all enjoyed big agency or consultancy careers as well as our own entrepreneurial ventures but share the belief that clients are no longer best served by the old professional services model (products to sell, mouths to feed, ‘top-down expertise’ to impart). There are better ways to share our experience and help clients. We employ no juniors – and only bring in associates if agreed with a client.

When we work with our clients, we ensure that they learn as much as possible from us, improve their capability and are stronger as a result – and achieve their goals. We serve as critical friends as well as strategic advisers.

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When you take on an individual from Jericho, you take on expertise from across many different areas.

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Our Chambers motto is “no bullshit, no bureaucracy, no gits”.

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Members Club

Jericho is a club in spirit – a civilised place to meet new people and explore new ideas.

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Client Experience

The past client experience of Jericho partners includes:

  1. Accenture
  2. AECOM
  3. AkzoNobel
  4. AMCI
  5. AOL
  6. Associated British Foods
  7. Association of British Insurers
  8. AB Sugar
  9. Aviva
  10. Barclays Bank
  11. BBC
  12. BP
  13. British Airways
  14. BT
  15. Capital and Counties plc
  16. Citibank
  17. Coca Cola
  18. Communication Workers Union
  19. Department of Business Innovation & Skills (UK)
  20. Department of Energy & Climate Change (UK)
  21. Diageo
  22. Department of Transport (UK)
  23. Edelman
  24. Engine
  25. Facebook
  26. Financial Services Authority
  27. General Motors
  28. Go Compare
  29. Google
  30. Govt. of Abu Dhabi
  31. Government of Egypt
  32. Heineken
  33. Henkel
  34. HM Revenue & Customs
  35. Home Office (UK)
  36. HSBC
  37. IBM
  38. Johnson & Johnson
  39. King Abdullah of the Jordan
  40. KPMG
  41. Lloyds Banking Group
  42. L’Oreal
  43. Mars
  44. McDonalds
  45. MetLife
  46. Metropolitan Police (London)
  47. Microsoft
  48. Mubadala
  49. Nationwide
  50. NatWest
  51. O2
  52. Omniphone
  53. Playtex
  54. Prudential
  55. PwC
  56. Quaker Beverages
  57. Rio Tinto
  58. SAP
  59. Royal Bank of Scotland
  60. Shell
  61. Snapple
  62. Sodexo
  63. Sony
  64. Suomen Yhdyspankin
  65. Twinings
  66. Unilever
  67. Unison
  68. Visa International
  69. Whisk
  70. Worthington Group


Extended Network

  1. Accenture
  2. Circus
  3. Hot Spots Movement
  4. Good Business
  5. The Foundation
  6. Cass Consulting
  7. The Crowd
  8. Khanna Reidinga
  9. Vogel Wakefield
  10. USurv
  11. Hay Hill Partners
  12. Flipside
  13. Assurety
  14. T3D
  15. Euler Partners
  16. Boy on a Beach
  17. Ruby Pseudo
  18. Farrer Kane
  19. Populus
  20. Wheelerkanik
  21. Quill
  22. Stonecourt
  23. Corporate Reputation Consulting
  24. Sister Pseudo
  25. Freshly Made Content
  26. Donald Steel
  27. CoVi

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